The MIOpenDriver enables the user to test the functionality of any particular layer in MIOpen in both the forward and backward direction. MIOpen is shipped with MIOpenDriver and its install directory is miopen/bin located in the install directory path.

Building the Driver

MIOpenDriver can be build by typing:

make MIOpenDriver from the build directory.

Base Arguments

All the supported layers in MIOpen can be found by the supported base_args here:

./bin/MIOpenDriver --help

The supported base arguments:

  • conv - Convolutions
  • CBAInfer - Convolution+Bias+Activation fusions for inference
  • pool - Pooling
  • lrn - Local Response Normalization
  • activ - Activations
  • softmax - Softmax
  • bnorm - Batch Normalization
  • rnn - Recurrent Neural Networks (including LSTM and GRU)
  • gemm - General Matrix Multiplication
  • ctc - CTC Loss Function

These base arguments support fp32 float type, but some of the drivers suport further datatypes -- specifically, half precision (fp16), brain float16 (bfp16), and 8-bit integers (int8). To toggle half precision simpily add the suffix fp16 to end of the base argument; e.g., convfp16. Likewise, to toggle brain float16 just add the suffix bfp16, and to use 8-bit integers add int8.

Notes for this release:

  • Only convolutions support bfp16 and int8
  • RNN's support fp16 but only on the HIP backend
  • CTC loss function only supports fp32

Summary of base_args meant for different datatypes and different operations:


Executing MIOpenDriver

To execute from the build directory:

./bin/MIOpenDriver *base_arg* *layer_specific_args*

Or to execute the default configuration simpily run:

./bin/MIOpenDriver *base_arg*

MIOpenDriver example usages:

  • Convolution with search on:

./bin/MIOpenDriver conv -W 32 -H 32 -c 3 -k 32 -x 5 -y 5 -p 2 -q 2

  • Forward convolution with search off:

./bin/MIOpenDriver conv -W 32 -H 32 -c 3 -k 32 -x 5 -y 5 -p 2 -q 2 -s 0 -F 1

  • Convolution with half or bfloat16 input type

./bin/MIOpenDriver convfp16 -W 32 -H 32 -c 3 -k 32 -x 5 -y 5 -p 2 -q 2 -s 0 -F 1 ./bin/MIOpenDriver convbfp16 -W 32 -H 32 -c 3 -k 32 -x 5 -y 5 -p 2 -q 2 -s 0 -F 1

  • Pooling with default parameters:

./bin/MIOpenDriver pool

  • LRN with default parameters and timing on:

./bin/MIOpenDriver lrn -t 1

  • Batch normalization with spatial fwd train, saving mean and variance tensors:

./bin/MIOpenDriver bnorm -F 1 -n 32 -c 512 -H 16 -W 16 -m 1 -s 1

  • RNN with forward and backwards pass, no bias, bi-directional and LSTM mode

./bin/MIOpenDriver rnn -n 4,4,4,3,3,3,2,2,2,1 -k 10 -H 512 -W 1024 -l 3 -F 0 -b 0 -r 1 -m lstm

  • Printout layer specific input arguments:

./bin/MIOpenDriver *base_arg* -? OR ./bin/MIOpenDriver *base_arg* -h (--help)

Note: By default the CPU verification is turned on. Verification can be disabled using -V 0.